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Filipino Scribe: Lancris Residences Makes It Easier for Filipinos to Own Their Dream Condo

For our Chinese New Year celebration, we invited Mark Madrona, one of the country’s award-winning bloggers, to join the festivities and to witness what Lancris Residences has to offer to Filipino families.  

In his article, Mr. Madrona highlighted Lancris’ outstanding features. He quoted Assistant Vice President Mr. Jigger Cunanan: 

“You have to have a different mindset to appreciate this location. When you acquire a unit with us, you get to live in a peaceful community. Check out condo units in other locations: they are in the middle of rowdy communities. Minsan, katabi pa ng mga kalsada. Here, residents will live in a peaceful and safe environment."

Read the whole article here:

Photos courtesy of Mark Madrona/ The Filipino Scribe